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The Wylder Valley 11
Sophia nodded her head, and Charlie set off again, puzzled.
Badger was a punctual fellow and became irritated if others failed to follow his example.
The rabbit walked across the wooden bridge and continued along a narrow track that ran beside the river until he reached the lane. He could barely see the mill through the mist. Cyril Rat was collecting fire logs when he arrived.
'You'll want plenty of those tonight, Cyril,' laughed Charlie.
'Goodness me! I didn't hear you coming,' said Cyril, spinning around. 'Would you like a hot drink?'
'I'd better not. I'm late and Lottie will be wondering where I am,' replied Charlie, handing Cyril the estimate.
'I met Sophia in Barns Wood waiting for Badger. It's so unlike him to be late. Have you seen him today?'

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