Page 15 - Book 3 - (barcoded)
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Charlie looked across the meadow towards Kemps Heath village. He imagined families sitting together in their warm, cosy houses. One by one a window glowed with light as the mist began to lift. He couldn't wait to get home to sit with his family in front of his own fire. He was about to quicken his stride when he heard a groaning noise.
'Hello!' he called. 'Anyone there?'
The rabbit stepped into the grass and called again. He lowered his head, peered through the mist and stumbled upon the old pond. At the bottom, lying in clay and rubble he saw his old friend, Badger. Charlie gasped at the sight before him. Badger's leg, soaked in blood, lay encased in a rusty metal trap, chained to a pole, buried in the ground. Charlie

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