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The Wylder Valley 15
Charlie was breathless by the time he arrived in the garden. He knocked on Sam Hedgehog's door.
'It's Badger,' he cried, as Sam opened the door. 'He's caught in a trap at the bottom of the old pond. It's chained to a thick post buried in the ground. Can you tell Alfie? I have to get back because I left him alone. Remember to stay on the footpath. It's possible that more traps are lurking in the long grass,' he warned as he ran off.
Sam grabbed his boots, coat and scarf and shouted for his son, Matty. 'Go and tell Mr Squirrel and ask him to bring both carts, shovels and a blanket. We will have to take Badger to Barns Wood.'
Matty ran to Alfie Squirrel's lodge and shouted: 'Mr Squirrel! Mr Squirrel! Come quick! Badger's stuck in a trap.'
Charlie hurried back along the footpath. When he reached the old pond, he sat down beside his friend. Badger moved his hand and grasped Charlie's. He didn't speak but continued to hold on. It seemed a lifetime before Sam

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