Page 19 - Book 3 - (barcoded)
P. 19

The journey to the cottage was going to be difficult for the animals. At this time of the day, people and dogs walked along the track at the front of the cottage, so Simon went on ahead to check the way was clear. He would give one call if it was safe and two if it wasn't.
Tom looked at the animals. 'We'll open the blanket near Badger and lay him on it. Alfie, you take hold of the trap; Charlie, you have the post and chain. Stay as close as you can to Badger and together we can lift him onto the cart.'
Sam and Jackson threw a blanket over the ground. Together, they steered the brown cart into position.
'Ready everyone? This won't be easy,' Tom called out. 'Make sure the cart doesn't move, Sam.'

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