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The Wylder Valley 19
'Let’s do this!' urged Edward. 'A few steps and we can lower him beside the gate.'
Sam knelt down for a moment to speak with Badger. 'I don't know if you can hear me, but we have brought you to the old gamekeeper's cottage. You need treatment on your leg and these people will take care of you. No matter what happens, Badger, please lie still and don't put up a fight.'
As the animals hauled Badger out of the cart, a Siamese cat jumped up onto the wooden fence. She stared at the animals and flicked her tail. 'What are you trying to do?' she asked.
Sam recognised the cat and snapped: 'Badger’s leg has broken and we want the people to come out here to see him.'
'Oh, that's easy. They always come when I do this,' the cat boasted, showing a set of razor-sharp claws. She jumped down and sat by the front door where she let out a wailing meow.
Inside the cottage, Emma Weston heard a scratching at the front door.
'It's that noisy cat again, Mum,' she said. 'Do you think it wants some food?'
'I doubt it will eat whatever we offer, it's so fussy,' replied her mother. 'You can try using those scraps of meat I left in the kitchen.'
Emma opened the front door and placed a small dish on the doorstep. The cat looked at her, turned away and leapt up to the wooden fence. It sat and stared at Emma and then

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