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The Wylder Valley
looked down to the other side of the fence. Usually, the cat ran away. 'What's wrong, cat? Why don't you go home?' she asked.
Emma stepped out. The cat's tail flicked. Another step and it dropped down over the fence. Emma was curious and opened the gate. A badger, covered in a blood-soaked raggedy cloth, lay on the pavement.
'Oh, no! You poor thing. What's happened to you?' Emma said, leaning over the animal. 'I'll get my mum; she'll know what to do.'
Emma closed the gate and called out: 'Mum! Come here! There's a badger lying on the path.'
'A what!' shouted her mum. Mrs Weston dropped her book and hurried outside, followed by her son, Jacob and younger daughter, Lily. Mrs Weston peered over the gate. 'Lily, go and find your dad.'
Mr Weston came outside and took a closer look. 'I think it's dead, Lisa.'
'I don't think so, I'm sure it moved. Call Mike, please, Andrew.'
Mr Weston phoned Mike Kenlock at the Wyldersham police station. 'He said he'll contact the Animal Rescue Centre first for advice and then drive over.'
Emma opened the gate and looked along the path. 'How did the badger get here, Mum?'
'I imagine it must have crawled. There's no other explanation. Come inside the gate, Emma. Badgers can be

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