Page 20 - Book 3 - (barcoded)
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The Wylder Valley
'I'm so sorry Badger,' sobbed Matty, kneeling at his side. 'We have to move you now.'
With Alfie and Charlie staying close, the badgers sprang forward to heave Badger onto the blanket with the trap, chain and post. They grappled with the extra weight, and holding the blanket tightly, transferred Badger up onto the cart. He yelled out with pain for the first time.
'Well done, folks. So far, so good,' panted Tom.
They covered Badger with the blanket and the animals began their journey. They struggled to push him and the cart through the wet grass, and it was hard work for them to get as far as the little garden gate. Then Simon called out, so they waited. Hearing one call, they set off again, keeping close to the boundary fence. As they turned the corner Charlie waved to Simon, perched in a tree opposite the cottage.

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