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The Wylder Valley
Charlie Rabbit, Alfie Squirrel, Sam and Matty Hedgehog went through the garden gate and returned to their families, silently immersed in thought. Lottie greeted her husband, Charlie. They looked out across the garden as the snowflakes fluttered above. 'Hello winter,' said Charlie, as he went indoors to warm up.
Police Constable Mike Kenlock arrived in a police dog van to take the badger to an animal rescue centre, based near the city. He was carrying a walking stick and came inside the gate.
'I telephoned ahead to let them know what has happened. You're right, Andrew; this looks dead. However, it may react to this,' he said, gently touching the badger's nose with the stick.
Badger didn't react. He had heard Sam's words and remained still. 'Luckily for us, it's already on a bit of cloth. I'll get the cage out of the van,' said Mike.
'Put these on, Andrew.' The officer handed him a pair of protective gloves. Together, they grasped the rag and put the animal and trap inside a large cage, locked the lid and placed it in the back of the van. 'Thanks, I'll be able to manage from here,' said Mike.
When Badger arrived at the centre Mike Kenlock took the cage into an examination room. The veterinary surgeon, Mr Sturgess checked for a pulse.
'What made you think the badger was dead, constable?' the vet asked as he removed the trap.

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