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The Wylder Valley
understand how it managed to free itself, crawl along the ground, dragging these and end up outside the cottage.'
Mr Sturgess looked at him. 'Well, maybe someone dumped it from a vehicle. Unless you discover where the animal has been lying and find tyre tracks, I think we are looking at a miracle,' he smiled.
The following day, Charlie trudged along the footpath in the snow to meet with Sophia, in Barns Wood.
'I do feel guilty,' she said. 'It was icy cold, but we’d arranged to meet. We planned to examine security issues inside the kingdom during the winter.'
'It wasn’t your fault, Sophia,' said Charlie. 'You couldn't have known about a trap in the meadow.
'If it hadn't been Badger, it could have been another animal, or even a child from the village. I think there might be more traps. I’ll try to make sure that everyone knows about the danger. Until then, we must be vigilant when we’re out or else stay at home.
'We’re going to try to find out how Badger is. Willow Heron is coming tonight. He wants to check if Badger arrived at the animal rescue centre near the city. I’ll come back tomorrow and let you know when he is going.'
The accident had disturbed every animal and highlighted the dangers that constantly surround them. Although Badger could be stubborn and forthright, they loved and respected him. His generous heart and soul lay in the Fairy Kingdom and the Woodland Community.

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