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The Wylder Valley
be an irresistible find to an intruder. I can't give you detailed information because the investigation is ongoing. In hindsight, Harrison regrets he didn't clear the scrap a long time ago. We're searching for the remaining traps.
'If we can find the scrap metal items, it may lead us to the culprit who set the badger's trap. I have informed the parish council who are delivering leaflets to homes, warning people to be cautious when walking through the meadow and fields. Furthermore, if anyone has any information regarding the traps and scrap metal they should contact Wyldersham police station.'
Lisa rose from her chair. 'To think the children have been in the meadow building snowmen. What idiot does such a wicked thing?' she asked, turning to Mike. 'Surely you don't expect to find the traps under all that snow?'
'We might. A city company has offered to lend metal detectors to volunteers willing to search,' he answered.
Emma, Jacob and Lily Weston were walking home from school and talking about the badger.
'Do you think the vet has put it to sleep, Emma?' asked Jacob.
'I'm not sure. I overheard Mum talking to her friend. She said that wild animals don't recover from that sort of injury.'
'Can we find out if it's dead?' asked Jacob as he swiped a pile of snow off a hedge and threw it at his little sister.
'It may have survived,' said Emma. 'Let's see if the centre

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