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The Wylder Valley 23
'He didn't flinch when I prodded his nose. Mrs Weston thought it was breathing when her husband telephoned me at the station. Why?' he asked.
'I've found a pulse but it's weak. We'll set up a drip line for fluids and antibiotics. I need to sedate it first. He'll have an x-ray but I can't operate until he's stable. We'll clean the wound and bandage it. I doubt he will make it through the night,' he said.
The vet joined the constable in reception. 'Wild animals are curious creatures. I've been fooled many times when I've been called out. The caller insists the animal is dead but more often than not, they pretend to be. This isn't the first badger to do this. He's a fine-looking animal,' he said handing a box to the officer, containing the trap, chain and post.
'I didn't think these existed, except in museums,' said Mike Kenlock. 'I'll take them back to the station. I still can't

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