Page 16 - Book 3 - (barcoded)
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The Wylder Valley
could see that Badger had scraped at the ground in his frantic efforts to free himself. He knelt down and stroked his head.
'My dear friend, whatever happened? Where did this monster come from?' he murmured, surveying the trap. 'Lie still. I'm going to get help. I'll be as quick as I can.'
For a few seconds, Charlie was unsure where to go. 'By now, Cyril will be with his neighbour,' he thought. Staying on the footpath he ran home across the meadow.
'What's the hurry?' called Simon Blackbird, hovering above him.
Charlie looked up and shouted:
'I can't stop. I've left Badger trapped in the old pond. I'm going to fetch Sam and Alfie to move him to Barns Wood. Can you let Sophia know, Simon? She was looking for him earlier.'

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