Page 51 - Book 3 - (barcoded)
P. 51

'I am so lucky to live here,' thought Sam Hedgehog as he strolled across the meadow to Barns Wood.
Sam delivered two boxes of herb and seed pizzas to Annie Weasel at the delicatessen. Annie's new recipes and ideas increased sales and the weekly takings soared. Betsy Hedgehog's bank balance trebled. Sam decided to work fewer hours at the tool shop and took on the position of Logistics Manager in the family business. Basically, Sam does the jobs that Betsy hasn't the time or the will to do.
He called in to see Yappy and Horatio Pigeon: managers of the free Bird Telegram Company. The birds dealt with the day to day running of the business and arranged mail collections. Willow handled the project and was the

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