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The Wylder Valley 51
'Dear Lottie,
My doctor says I deserve a long rest. My friend, Gwen is in a home, but I can't afford that. I am coming to stay with my favourite son and his family until I'm well. I love the garden. Of course, I haven't been for quite a while. I am sure we will manage the sleeping arrangements.
Hope the kids are ok. Can you tell Charlie I will be at the same meeting place? Perhaps that Badger chappie will pick up my stuff. Not too much as I can always use the laundry.
See you soon,
'She has to be joking,' laughed Sadie. 'What a cheek!'
'This is a week old,' said Lottie looking at the cover. 'Do you remember the last time she stayed here? Paris and Jessica went to stay with friends in Barns Wood. No matter what I said or did, she found fault with me. When she went out and bought those new curtains for our bedroom it was the last straw. I'd had enough. Charlie thought she was helping.'
'She probably was,' said Sadie, laughing, 'until you discovered she'd taken your original curtains home and hung them in her kitchen. It sounds to me your mother-in-law is lonely and needs company.'
Lottie had delayed speaking to Charlie about Tilly's visit. Today, he was at The Hog Bakery repairing a display unit. Lottie thought this was the ideal moment. She walked into

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