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The Wylder Valley 59
He was trying to enjoy his breakfast but stood up and grabbed his coat.
'I don't care if that place ends up looking like a palace. For the last time Betsy, we are not moving into the mill!' said Sam. 'We have a business here and I refuse to give up the Garden Hog Bakery, let alone my tool shop.'
He couldn't believe the rumours that were circulating in the valley. 'Self-contained flats. Huh! Everyone's gone mill crazy,' he said, as he slammed the front door.
Sam stood in the meadow with Alfie Squirrel and Charlie Rabbit, looking at the mill. They tried to come to terms with the current situation. There was a time when no-one considered walking past the mill, let alone venture inside. Betsy was under the illusion that living in the mill would give her grandeur.

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