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The Wylder Valley
Lottie Rabbit wanted the first floor. Her girls might stop arguing about sharing a wardrobe and Sadie Squirrel would be content to live on the upper floor. They seemed to think that three families could live together under one roof in perfect harmony: an idea that their husbands dreaded.
'All this gossip is speculation,' said Alfie. 'I suspect someone started a rumour and it has snowballed. I doubt the mill will ever be used in a traditional way. No! Farmer Harrison is a canny man. He needs it for some other purpose and it's not for storing grain.'
They decided to visit Cyril for an update to put an end to what had turned into utter madness.
'I have no intention of leaving. This is my home,' repeated Cyril. 'As far as I'm concerned the farmer is having the roof re-tiled and making good some of the brickwork. Most of the machinery was removed ages ago. I am fed up with animals asking me silly questions. This is Sharpey's doing. He's getting back at me for kicking him out of the mill.'
Cyril decided to move out of the mill when the building work started. He'd already taken a few possessions to Badger's home for safe keeping. Before the animals left they helped to move several boxes and a wheelbarrow.
'I'm sure he won't mind,' said the rat. 'I'll be glad when he comes home.'
Before he went to bed, Sam locked his front door and sat down to enjoy a quiet cup of tea in the kitchen. He felt glad

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