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The Wylder Valley 61
Betsy had overcome the urge to move and was now concentrating on finding a new gardener.
A clattering in the courtyard below followed by a banging at the door disturbed his peace. He looked through the kitchen window and saw Cyril leaning over the stair rail to the flat.
'What's wrong? Come inside and sit down.'
The rat struggled to breathe. 'Badger's place. Ruined. Broken my things. They smashed Badger's kitchen. Gosh! It's a mess.'
'Sharpey! The devious and spiteful creature,' exclaimed Sam. 'He said he would come back. Mind you, I bet he had someone else to do his dirty work.'
Cyril nodded and took a deep breath. 'I'm not worried about myself. Badger is my concern. He doesn't need to come home to a ruin.'
'It's not your fault, Cyril. Repairing Badger's home is the least of your troubles. We can sort that out, but we are running out of time. Badger could be back any day.'
Alfie Squirrel and his son, Jackson went to look at Badger's home to calculate the time it would take to repair.
'You won't be able to do all the work yourself, Dad. We'll need Mr Rabbit,' suggested Jackson. 'I've never seen such a mess.'
The front door hung off one hinge. The compact hallway was strewn with storage boxes and winter supplies. In the

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