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The Wylder Valley 65
With a mighty bang, the kitchen door flew open. Water poured into the room. Her first thought was for her daughter.
'Paris, wake up,' she screamed as she ran into the corridor. A torrent of muddy water swirled about her ankles in seconds. She grasped at door handles to steady herself. Lottie banged on her daughter's bedroom door to warn her not to open it.
On the other side of the door, Paris was awake and cried out: 'Mum! What's wrong? Why can't I open my door?'
Lottie held the other handle and tried to explain as the water rapidly rose. It was now up to her waist.
'Paris, go out of the window and go to Hog Bakery. Tell Mrs Hedgehog our house is full of water. Hurry!'
Lottie allowed herself a few moments for her daughter to escape. With water swirling around her neck, she took a deep breath and pushed the door. The force of the water thrust her body across the room, slamming her into the opposite wall. She dropped to the floor, grappled with a stool and heaved herself on to the bed. The last thing Lottie saw were two pink slippers floating in the muddy water. She hauled her body out of the window, into a sea of mud and darkness.
Lottie felt a firm hand on her shoulder and heard loud muffled voices. Someone wanted her to speak but she couldn't make a sound.
'Hold her still Sam, otherwise, we'll drop her,' warned Betsy as they struggled to carry her to the bakery. 'Someone will have to fetch a doctor. Where's Simon when you need him most?'

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