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Parental Leave
Parental Leave
Success Academy provides salary continuance to our employees to recover from labor and delivery, and bond with a new baby or newly-adopted child. Parental leave will begin immediate- ly following child delivery and will run concurrent with short term disability and FMLA.
Primary Caregiver/ Birthing Parent
After 1 year of full-time employment
Adoption Reimbursement
Secondary Caregiver/ Non-Birthing Parent
           8 weeks of salary continuance (40 paid days)
2 weeks of salary continuance (10 paid days)
      Employees may be reimbursed a maximum of $3,000 per child for qualifying expenses (with receipt of payment) related to the adoption of a child under age 18, provided they have been employed by Success for at least one calendar year at the time the adoption process begins. Success Academy provides four weeks of salary continuance for eligible employees.
Emergency Back up Day Care
Bright Horizons acts as a safety net when disruptions to regular day care arrangements happen for child, adult and elder care. There is a $15 copay ($25 for 2+ kids) and $6 per hour for onsite service.
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