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                                           Item #3 (Advanced Level)

                         Living Together

For eight years Sima (has been) renting apartments. Like many young
people, she too is forced to move from one apartment to another, wander
from Tel Aviv to Ramat Gan. Now she decided to check something a bit
different. And in an age when everything is becoming more social and
communal, along the housing shortage that is becoming worse all over the
world, it was probably just a matter of time the place where we live will
become part of a community too. It’s called co-living, and you can see (its)
first signs in this building in south Tel Aviv, expected to officially open in
a month. Ten tenants will live here, like thirty one year old Moshe, they
too feel that progress is making us lonelier. The average rent for a twenty
five squared meters room is two thousand five hundred NIS a month.
Along with the other tenants they share the kitchen, roof, living room and
working desk. So it might be a radical vision, and possibly a strictly
financial business. But maybe, just maybe, this is real news, integrating
cheaper housing with a social life, if you’d like, kind of kibbutz, two point

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