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E-Tone™: Ulpan-Or Weekly News Digest

                                           Item #2 (Advanced Level)

                         Easier Than Ever

Starting midnight, USA time, any American citizen will be able to
download off the web a weapon manufacturing manual and print it on a
home three-D printer. In two thousand thirteen Cody Wilson developed a
software with which (you) can three-D print a weapon, and uploaded the
instructions online. United States’ authorities blocked his website,
claiming is poses a danger to the public and that it violates gun
manufacturing laws in America. Five years of a legal battle, where he
argued the violation of free speech and the right to bear arms, led to a
controversial arrangement. Eight states throughout the United States
promised to fight the federal decision and even sue the Trump
administration. Home printing weapons actually allows access to an
infinite stock of weapons for terror and criminal organizations. The
manufacturer isn’t required (to do) background checks, however minimal,
there’s no age restriction, no way to keep track of these weapons. On the
other hand there are (those) who belittle the move, (saying) this is a plastic
weapon likely to fall apart after one shot, still during experimentation. It is
unclear why today, in a country where the gun control issue is so divisive,
authorities chose to allow the strange vision of a young man become a
dangerous reality.

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