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E-Tone™: Ulpan-Or Weekly News Digest

                                           Item #1 (Advanced Level)

               Children Without a Smartphone

Na’ama already realized you can’t delay the inevitable. Her son will be
attending the third grade, smartphones are starting to pop up in the
classroom and she decides to do something unusual. Organizing a group
purchase of “stupid” phones, with no internet, which are meant for calls
and sending texts. Na’ama managed to recruit eighty percent of parents in
three second grades, and then turned to a supplier, got a cheap price of a
hundred and twenty NIS and even managed to convince the kids. Do you
remember we used to fight over the television with them? Today this
seems like a distant memory, the TV is really okay, relative to all the other
devices. Sigal too, a mother of two daughters who will attend the second
and third grades, decided to set out on a fight against smartphones. She
opened a Facebook group, recruited the parental leadership of the school
and invited experts to talk about the revolution. So if we, the parents, are
always on multi-channel, multi-tasking, and our children are (just) another
channel among many, you can’t complain to them. Our personal example,
our presence, are more powerful than all the noises around.

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