Page 11 - Ulpan Or E-Tone (30-01-18) Low Inter Level
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E-Tone™: Ulpan-Or Weekly News Digest

                                            Item #2 (Low-Intermediate Level)

                                                 Smart Buying

            Who doesn’t know Amazon, there aren’t many people who don’t shop on

            it.  Last  week  Amazon  opens  its  first  food  store,  close  to  its  offices  in
            Seattle.  What’s  special  about  this  store  is  the  technology  it  has.  (You)

            don’t  have  to  do  anything  with  (your)  phone,  because  there’s  a  smart

            system that can see what people take or return at the store. This store puts
            Amazon in a very good place in the market of smart technologies, and it’s

            obvious to everyone that this is just the beginning.

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