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                                            Item #3 (Low-Intermediate Level)

                         Now listen again and check your answers.

                         Listen again several times till you feel you know well the new

                                   Talking Dictionary   טָל ְקֻמ םיִל ִמ רַצוֹא–

             English                             תירבע         English                            תירבע

                                                               to believe                       ןי ִּמֲא ַהְל
             picture(s)                תוֹנוּמ ְת ,הָּנוּמ ְת  6                                 )לי ִּע ְפ ִּה(  1
                                                               believe (m. pl.)
                                                                                               םיִּני ִּמֲא ַמ

             menu                               טי ִּר ְפ ַת  7    especially                     ד ָּח   ֻי ְמ ִּבּ  2
             to reach                   )לי ִּע ְפ ִּה( ַעיִּגּ ַהְל  8    experiment                יוּסִּּנ  3

             reaches (f. sg.)                    הָּעיִּגּ ַמ

             to decide                          טיִּל ְח ַהְל  9    to turn                  )לַעָּפ( ךְֹפֲהַל  4
                                              )לי ִּע ְפ ִּה(
             decides (m. sg.)                   טיִּל ְח ַמ    turns (m. sg.)                       ךְֵפוֹה

                                                               to take a picture
                                                                                             )לֵע ִּפ( םֵלַצְל
             to open                       )לַעָּפ(  ַחֹת ְפִּל     10  takes pictures (m.         םֵלַצ ְמ  5


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