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E-Tone™: Ulpan-Or Weekly News Digest

                                            Item #3 (Low-Intermediate Level)

                                  The Best Restaurant in London

            Oobah Butler, who works for VICE magazine, thinks that people believe
            what’s written on the internet too much, and especially what people write

            on TripAdvisor. So he holds an experiment: he turns his little home into an

            expensive chef restaurant. Not really, just on the internet. He takes pictures
            and thinks up a menu too. To anyone who wants to eat at the restaurant he

            says that there is no room. After seven months, without anyone visiting the

            restaurant, it reaches the first place on TripAdvisor. Butler decides to open
            the restaurant for one night, and what’s on the menu? Food (you) put in the

            microwave. The people who come don’t know anything, everything tastes

            good to them.

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