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GH: Yes, that's correct. The Jive Aces have been around since 1989. They are a six-piece jive and
                             swing band who have won many awards, they were semi-finalists on Britain's Got Talent and have
                             11 albums under their belts. I've worked with a lot of bands through the years, and I can honestly
                             say that these guys are the hardest working, most professional, and loving people I have ever had
                             the pleasure to work with. I never have to worry about rehearsing before a gig because somehow
                             in their hectic schedules, they find the time to go over my material before I've even flown in from
                             Texas. In addition to the band, we added some sexy baritone saxophone played by Lottie B., and
                             amazing guitar by Jim Knowler, as well as a special guest pianist from The Netherlands by the
                             name of Roy J. Martin. What I find fascinating about all of this is that we all met through social
                             media. The Jive Aces happened to be doing a show in the Dallas area and contacted me saying,
                             ‘Hi, we've known each other online for years and we've never met, but do you want to join us on
                             stage tonight?’ Since then, I have worked with them here in the states when they are on tour, and
                             I worked with them over in England as well. It's just lovely.

                             MH: You mentioned that the songs you recorded on the album were all originally done by
                             black  female  artists.  Tell  me  more  about  the  female  artist  and  the  songs  you  chose  to

                             GH: I wanted to celebrate the women pioneers of what would become rock and roll. I chose artists
                             like Ruth Brown, Big Maybelle, Wynona Carr, and Lavern Baker, who toured with my father in the
                             1950s. Very often, when the roots of rock and roll are talked about, credit is quickly assigned to
                             the more famous African American male musicians and entertainers like Little Richard or Chuck
                             Berry. If people dig further, they will make connections to Big Joe Turner, who was an R&B artist
                             and huge influence on my father. However, all too often, I see women get the short end of the
                             recognition stick and particularly women of color. My choice in songs for my shows and album
                             feature these women who were massively important to the evolution of popular music.

                             MH: For those who haven't seen you live before, what can they expect from your shows?

                             GH: Aside from the female artists I mentioned earlier, I also perform songs from Aretha Franklin,
                             Esther Phillips, and when I perform with the Jive Aces, you'll hear music in the style of Louis Prima
                             and Keely Smith, and of course, some of my father's songs. The show is always super high energy,
                             and sometimes, you might see the kind of stage antics that were typical of rock and roll shows from
                             my father's era. Most of all, there will be a lot of dancing in the audience!

                             MH: You've been involved with music most of your life. What's one or two best pieces of
                             advice you can give to anyone who is looking make it in the music business?

                             GH: Find something you're good at and stick to that! People enjoy a show when the performers
                             enjoy doing the show just as much. I've learned that the quality of my performance improved a lot
                             when I quit worrying about singing perfectly and just put my heart into it.

                             MH: You've reached a point in your life that you accomplish so much. What's the future look
                             like for Gina Haley?

                             GH: Well, my plan is to finish my degree in music and start teaching privately. I want to help other
                             musicians  become  well  rounded  performers.  I  will,  of  course,  continue  performing  as  long  as
                             people want me around. I want to keep this great music alive and pass it on.

                             MH: Gina, it's been a huge honor talking with you. Thank you so much! Do you have any
                             last inspiring words for our audience?

                             GH: Do what you love and encourage others to do the same…especially on social media!

                             Gina Haley “As Long As I'm Moving”:
                             The Jive Aces feat. Gina Haley "Shake, Rattle & Roll":
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