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                           Music by Gina Haley
                             “See See Rider”                                         Interview by Marty Haviik

               Growing up in the rock/hard rock/metal community, I’ve always had a secret love for that wonderful blues
               jazz music from the 20s on through the 60s. And one huge influence in my music career was that grand
               pioneer rock legend, Bill Haley. The beauty of this interview and connection is that I’ve been friends with
               Gina Haley, the youngest child of rock and roll pioneer Bill Haley, on the social media network for a few
               years. The past few weeks have been a treat exchanging emails and texts. This was a grand opportunity to
               work with Gina, not only talk about her father, but mostly wanting to know more about her music career,
               travels, and thoughts about music through her eyes. In spite of her busy life, Gina was so gracious enough
               to squeeze me in for this awesome interview and I’m very much appreciative for this opportunity.

               Marty Haviik: I want to stay focused on you, but I do need to at least ask you one question about
               your father, and that is, how big of an inspiration has he been to you throughout your years and
               especially in 2021?

               Gina Haley: Yes, well, naturally my father was my first inspiration before I was even old enough to understand
               who and what he was. He thought it was fun to record me singing into a little tape recorder and would pretend
               he was a radio show host introducing me as the next act. I was only four years old, but he showed me singing
               was something that came natural to me. After he died, I wanted to learn as much about his professional life
               as I could, which inspired me in a whole new way. It opened the doors to learning about where and how
               American popular music originated. Ultimately, learning about the roots of early rock and roll led me to
               discover how much I love early rhythm and blues and found that it was possible to recreate this music in an
               authentic way for other people who are passionate about keeping this music alive.

               MH: Speaking of inspiration, besides your father, where else do you find inspiration in writing music
               or staying motivated?

               GH: I find my inspiration from the fans! I am still amazed that there are people out in the world that love old
               school dance music. These beautiful people love to dance! I don't mean ‘dance’ like the way most people
               dance. I mean, dance like a scene straight out of a WWII movie or movies about 1950's rock and roll. This
               is a way of life for some people. They dress the part like they've stepped out of a time machine. It's beautiful!
               There are a lot of opportunities to go out and dance to live music in England and some European countries,
               usually at weekenders, festivals, or even clubs. When those events aren't happening, folks are usually happy
               spinning records and dancing in a small club or party. I have always been into retro hairstyles, make up, and
               fashion, and I certainly love to step back in time for the shows I do. So, I get all of my inspiration from knowing
               that the fans want to dance to my music! It's absolutely thrilling to watch because quite a few people belong
               to music/dance clubs or dance schools that teach Jive, East and West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, among
               others. Often the dancing is really good! It's very inspiring.

                MH: Are there any artists or performers that you looked up to or admire?

               GH:  I  admire  Gunhild  Carling  from  Sweden.  She  is  an  incredible  multi-instrumentalist,  vocalist,  dancer,
               performer, and songwriter, and she has great stage presence. The Jive Aces, of course, teach me so much
               about performing and touring. I dig a lot of different kinds of music and get inspiration from anywhere I can.
               Lately, I've been listening to Lake Street Drive, Fantastic Negrito, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, The Cactus
               Blossoms, Leon Bridges, Alabama Shakes, Andra Day, James Hunter Six, and that's just off the top of my
               head. I love what these artists are doing.

               MH: I want to talk about your tour in the United Kingdom last year. How was that? Any exciting
               stories you want to share?

                                                                                            Photo credit: Gerhard Mannsberger
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