Page 2 - ION Indie Magazine_JulyAug 2021
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Music by Gina Haley
                                                                                   “ Til The Well Runs Dry“

                                                                          This July/August 2021 edition of ION
                                                                          Indie Magazine spotlights the jazzy,

                                                                                snazzy multi-dimensional artist

                                                                         Gina Haley, daughter of Bill Haley of
                                                                           the famed Bill Haley & His Comets.

                                                                                  Managing Editor and Senior

                                                                                   Photojournalist Marty Haviik

                                                                                      conducted the in-depth
                                                                                      interview with Ms. Haley.

                                                                               Our compelling cover photo is
                                                                     courtesy of Ms. Haley. This inside cover

                                                                           photo is captured by Peter Lewry.

                                                                               The cover art, this inside cover,
                                                                      and this issue of ION Indie Magazine is

                                                                      designed by Editor-in-Chief Kiki Plesha.
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