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                                                                             Music by ASNT
                                                                            “In Summation”

                                                     Is live music finally making a return?

                                                     Gosh, I hope so! It sure appears things are moving in the
                                                     right direction and venues are booking shows again. As our
                                                     staff is mostly comprised of photojournalists whose passion
                                                     is live concert photography, we are thrilled to see live shows
                     Kiki Plesha                     being  booked,  tours  being  planned,  and  festivals

                    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                  announcing  their  lineups.  During  this  pandemic,  our
                                                     magazine has had to rely on stock photography provided
                                                     by the bands and artists to accompany our reviews, reports,
                                                     and  interviews.  As  they  say…the  show  must  go  on!

                                                     However, I know the staff of ION is looking forward to being
                                                     “back in the pit” again and bringing our readers the best of

                                                     live concert photography…from our lenses to these pages!

                                                     This  edition  of  ION  Indie  features  the  incredibly  dynamic
                                                     Gina Haley. The feature interview was conducted by ION’s
                                                     Managing  Editor  and  Senior  Photojournalist  Marty  Haviik.
                                                     Check out this incredible artist, who also happens to be the
                                                     daughter  of  the  legendary  Bill  Haley  of  Bill  Haley  &  His
                                                     Comets, inside these pages.

                                                     The  song  streaming  during  this  Editor’s  Letter,  titled  “In
                                                     Summation” is by ASNT, from their latest album “Bleed Like
                                                     Us: The Evolution of Sorrow.” Featuring the voracious vocals
                                                     of Christina Baldwin, ASNT’s sound is derived from prog rock,
                                                     goth,  and  metal.  Their  music  is  deliciously  dark,  multi-
                                                     dimensional,  and  meaningful.  Christina  is  joined  by  her
                                                     talented husband Bruce, and together, they make musical
                                                     magic! Learn more at

                                                     The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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