Page 10 - ION Indie Magazine JulyAug 2023
P. 10

Logan began to hit open mic nights in and around his hometown and slowly began to build
         confidence  in  himself.  Enter  Derek  Ferwerda.  Derek  is  an  accomplished  national  level
         guitarist who has tasted fame on some pretty big stages. He now teaches others at his music
         school in Duluth, Georgia, named the “Guitar Room.” Derek met Logan at one of the open
         mic nights and was impressed enough to start collaborating with him. Logan says not only
         is Derek the guitarist for his band currently, but the other members are comprised of Derek’s
         students. Logan wanted me to emphasize that he owes everything he has accomplished to


         The  guys  went  to  work  in  the  studio  and  recorded  several  singles,  including  his  newest
         release, “My Way Of Living.” Logan says we can expect his first full-length EP later this year.
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