Page 9 - ION Indie Magazine JulyAug 2023
P. 9

Logan grew up in a troubled home
       with his parents. At an early age,
       his grandparents took him in and

       continued to raise him throughout
       his teenage years. He fell in love
       with  music  and  cars  early  on.
       Logan  says  he  listened  to  rock,
       country, southern rock, and loved
       90’s  rap.  His  Nana  encouraged
       him  to  join  chorus  once  he
       reached  high  school  age.  He
       loved  it  and  began  to  teach
       himself guitar. He never aspired to

       chase  music  professionally,  but
       Nana always pushed him to go for
       it.  Logan  feels  he  always  carried
       too much self-doubt to perform in
       front  of  others,  but  a  few  years
       later,   his   biggest     fan    died
       suddenly.  Without  Nana,  Logan

       says    he    then    realized     that
       tomorrow isn't promised, so if you
       want  something,  you  have  to
       chase it today. He says everything
       he does in music is to honor Nana.
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