Page 4 - ION Indie Magazine JulyAug 2023
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We’re shook

                                  about  this  edition  of  ION  Indie  Magazine!
                                  Gracing our cover and our featured artist is high-
                                  energy country crooner Logan Dover (story and
                                  photography  by  Dave  “Moto”  Bishop).  But
                                  wait…there’s  more!  We’ve  got  your  Tay-Tay!
                                  Taylor  Swift  has  landed  at  ION  Indie  Magazine
                                  (courtesy  of  Lindsay  Ann  Snyder)!  Add  to
                                  this…Alter  Bridge,  Sevendust,  Old  Dominion,
                                  Karen  Waldrup,  All  Time  Low,  Silverstein,
                                  Descendents,  Lina  &  The  Lions,  The  Lion Within,
                                  Austin Dixon, and Los Angeles Azules…and you
                                  have a banger of an issue! Check it all out inside
                                  these pages!

                                  The music streaming during this Editor’s Letter is
                                  by Karen Waldrup, titled “Normandy.” The song
                                  honors  Jim  “Pee  Wee”  Martin  and  our  WWII
                                  veterans  in  remembrance  of  “D-Day.”  As  we
                                  celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, let’s
                                  keep in mind all those who have sacrificed so we
                                  can  live  in  freedom!  Learn  more  about  Karen
                                  Waldrup at Be sure
                                  and check out the interview with Karen inside this
                                                                        ~ Editor-in-Chief
                                                                          Kiki Plesha
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