Page 11 - ION Indie Magazine SeptOct 2023
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Sammy Rae explained that while cycling through the audition process to fill spots in her band, she was
         always  looking  for  specific  instrument  players,  and  it  was  always  a  happy  accident  to  discover  how
         instrumentally versatile her band really was.

          “The saxophone players, Kellon Reese and Max Zooi, were hired for saxophone, even though they play
          a million different things, Will Leet, our guitarist, was also playing keys before Debbie Tjong joined us,
          and  Debbie  plays  much  more  than  just  the  keys,  we’d  say  she’s  more  auxiliary  percussion,”  Rae
          explained “it just goes on and on. Over the course of working with each other, we learn to play multiple
          instruments, we've progressed in our arrangement process, coming together as individuals who listen
          to each other and are inspired by different sorts of music.”

          The seven-piece ensemble is made of Sammy Rae, frontwoman ukulele and banjo player, as well as
          occasionally  keys;  Will  Leet  is  backing  vocals  and  guitarist,  Debbie  Tjong  on  keys  and  auxiliary
          percussion, C-Bass Chiriboga on percussion, James Quinlan is the bass player; Kellon Reese spans
          alto  saxophone,  flute  and  clarinet,  and  Max  Zooi  plays  tenor  saxophone,  bass  clarinet,  and  the

          “This project is hugely based on making space for everybody's individual musical talents and flexibility
          for folks to grow and be influenced and inspired by new things.” Rae said sternly. “This project is rooted
          in collaboration, and we all come from different studies of music and different walks of life, and as time
          goes on, we've become more comfortable playing with each other and getting to know each other's
          musical sensibilities.”
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