Page 7 - ION Indie Magazine SeptOct 2023
P. 7

Sammy Rae & The Friends Want to Be Your Friend!

            The world can feel a little lonely as the summer season winds down; children and friends go
            back to school, outdoor activities slow down, the sun begins to slip into the dark night sooner
            and sooner every day, and our social lives sink to the bottom of the once buoyant social summer.
            Sammy Rae and The Friends are here to keep your social lives afloat, reminding you how easy
            it is to dance and make friends everywhere.

            Sammy Rae of the seven-piece band Sammy Rae and The Friends took time out of the band’s
            ever-increasingly busy schedule to give Kira Doman from ION Indie Music Magazine a peak into
            their lives as the band’s fan base continues to see a quick uptick in popularity and streaming.

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