Page 4 - ION Indie Magazine SeptOct 2023
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Goodbye, Summer!

                                  And  what  a  scorcher  Summer  2023  has
                                  been! And for this end-of-summer issue of
                                  ION Indie Magazine, we have some of the
                                  hottest music for our readers!

                                  This  edition  we  are  featuring  the  multi-
                                  dimensional,           multi-talented           band,

                                  Sammy Rae & The Friends! ION Journalist
                                  Kira  Doman  conducted  the  insightful
                                  interview with Sammy Rae. Check it out in
                                  these pages!

                                  Well,  ION  did  it  again!  After  last  issue’s
                                  enthralling coverage of Taylor Swift’s Eras

                                  Tour,  we  have  a  plethora  of  legendary
                                  musical  artists  once  again  gracing  our
                                  pages  --  Smokey  Robinson,  Alabama,
                                  Ring  Starr,  Santana,  Godsmack,  Cypress
                                  Hill, Buddy Guy, Goo Goo Dolls, to name
                                  a few! We are also bringing you in-depth
                                  coverage  of  Milwaukee’s  Summerfest

                                  2023, which celebrated 55 years of superb
                                  festival entertainment. Enjoy!
                                                                   ~ Kiki Plesha
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