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                                                                     Music by The Aeolian Effect

                                                   Welcome to our final issue of 2020!

                                                   In this November/December edition of ION Indie Magazine,
                                                   we  shine  a  light  on  the  multi-dimensional  metal/hip  hop
                                                   artist  and  producer  Jonathan  Russell.  Managing  Editor
                     Kiki Plesha                   Marty Haviik conducted the intriguing interview and  all of

                    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF                the dynamic photography is also courtesy of Marty. Read all
                                                   about it inside these pages! Not one to rest on his laurels,
                                                   Marty also caught up with The Dead Daisies’ guitarist Doug
                                                   Aldrich! Be sure and check out the insightful interview with
                                                   Doug…and so much more!

                                                   The ethereal song that is streaming with my “Letter from the
                                                   Editor” is a new release by The Aeolian Effect, titled “Coda.”
                                                   The Aeolian Effect is a solo alternative rock project founded
                                                   in  2018,  produced  by  Arnaud  Krakowka.  The  project
                                                   features  Josh  Arnold  as  songwriter/primary  guitarist,  with
                                                   other session musicians joining in to create the dynamic of a
                                                   live band. The challenging aspect of this project is that it is
                                                   created  remotely  with  none  of  the  musicians  actually
                                                   interfacing  with  each  other  directly.  “Coda”  is  currently
                                                   available for purchase and streaming online. Learn more at

                                                   ION  Indie  Magazine  wishes  our  readers  a  healthy  and
                                                   peaceful holiday season. We look forward to a new year
                                                   that  hopefully, will  include  a  return  to  live  music, festivals,
                                                   and concerts that can be experienced by the masses once

                                                   The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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