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Interview and Photography
                             By Marty Haviik                         FEATURE INTERVIEW

          Since moving to Arizona from Los Angeles many years ago, I’ve had the pleasure of working with
          many talented artist and bands from the Grand Canyon State. I’ve seen some one-hit-wonders come
          and go and I’ve seen some really talented bands that are still alive and full of fire. One artist who
          has persevered is Jonathan Russell…American hip hop/metal artist/performer, producer, engineer,
          songwriter,  and experimentalist  sensation. I’ve  known  Jonathan  and  seen him  perform the  past
          couple decades. Jonathan is a man of many talents. He has played with the some of the biggest
          names in music, including Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, P.O.D., Body Count, Islander, Lynch Mob,
          Trapt, Powerman 5000, Orgy, Saliva, Tantric, BobaFlex, Hed PE, Crazy Town, Tech N9ne, King LIL
          G, and 9 Electric, as well as recorded with some of the biggest names in the industry, and boasts 2
          headlining tours. He is currently performing with 3 hip hop/metal crossover bands, and on top of all
          that, Jonathan is now helping other artists and bands in his role of producer. He has 15 albums
          under his belt and has produced 5 albums. His profound stage presence and riveting performances
          are  often  the  topic  anytime  Jonathan  enters  a  conversation.  Jonathan  has  3  different  stage
          personas,  one  being  a  dimensional  3D  chroma  depth  black  light  glow  performer.  On  top  of
          everything, Jonathan can play a mean Didgeridoo!

          Marty Haviik: Jonathan, my friend, thank you very much for for letting me work with you on
          this interview and explore deeper into your inner soul as an artist, performer, engineer, and
          producer. Knowing you for many years, now I would like to know what motivates Jonathan

          Jonathan Russell: Keeping my mind active, for one. LOL. I also enjoy making music that can heal
          people. That keeps me motivated.

          MH: How long have you been working in music and what genre of music did you get started
          with first?

          JR: I have 23 years of appreciating the art of emotional expression and with sound now. I started
          with  punk,  funk,  and  metal many  years  ago,  which  we  called  phunk-metal.  And  the  band  was
          Toyletbol Suicide.

          MH: You are currently working with hip hop metal bands Lethal Injektion, Stands With Fists,
          and Crazy Town, correct? Tell me a little about each music project and how you got involved
          with each and the part in which you play.
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