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MH: You had shared with me earlier that a new Lethal Injektion album is about to
                        drop. And you are working with Crazy Town on a new album as well? Tell us a
                        little about that.

                        JR: Both projects are pushing to put the most energy into being something that people
                        enjoy  on  a  deeper  level,  hopefully.  That's  always  the  goal,  right?  Crazy  Town  is
                        dropping early next year.

                        MH: Jonathan, tell me, what inspires you all to write and how is your writing

                        JR: Again, like I said, I have many things that inspire and motivate me. Pain, love, and
                        the pain from love. And that's the real truth.

                        MH: Where else do you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

                        JR: Every once in a while, a little bit of friendly, creative competition, but not usually.

                        MH: From the beginning of your music inspiration to doing what you do now,
                        what attracted you in working as an engineer/producer with other artists?

                        JR: Working with the best -- or some of the best -- producers and engineers in the world
                        for the past 20 years. Also, wanting to put my hands in the Matrix because I understood
                        what needed to happen and what certain tricks and levels of professionalism there
                        were. It's always been a dream of mine, so I started attacking it.

                        MH: Which artists have inspired you throughout your life?

                        JR:  There  are  many.  I  like  them  all,  but  Nirvana,  Korn,  The  Doors,  The  Beatles,
                        Messhugah, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Faith No More, and Deftones
                        are just a few. Anything with groove rhythm.

                        MH: What music or bands do you like to listen to on your time off?

                        JR: I like to listen to different types of music. I am currently listening to Loathe, Hell
                        Doubt, and Made by HNR.

                        MH: You’ve worked and shared the stage with many national acts…name a few?

                        JR:  I’ve  been  fortunate  to  have  shared  the  stage  with  bands  and  artists  such  as
                        Slipknot, Panic! at the Disco, Chevelle, Awolnation, Korn, In This Moment, Bring Me
                        The Horizon, Nothing More, Tech N9ne. There’s even more, but too many to mention.

                        MH: Which band(s) would you like to play with next?

                        JR:  I  would  like  to  work  with  or  play  with  Tool,  Perfect  Circle,  Puscifer,  Metallica,
                        Deftones…Ozzy? LOL!
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