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MH: For those who haven’t seen you live before, what can they expect from your
                shows? Each band has its own spirit. Do you play the same ‘Jonathan Russell’
                in all bands, or are you moved differently when playing in those bands?

                JR: I have multiple styles/sounds, so basically, I'm the same character, minus the glow
                character, but even then, I still am me.

                MH: What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career -- even though I see you
                doing this forever.

                JR: I have many goals. My main goal is to accomplish my dreams and turn around and
                help others accomplish theirs.

                MH: After this pandemic slows down and is finally over, what are your goals with
                your  bands  and  as  a  solo  artist?  Maybe  as  a  producer?  Where  do  you  see
                yourself in 5 years?

                JR: I believe that the music scene will launch full speed, possibly even stronger than
                ever  before,  so,  I  plan  to  take  each  project  the  farthest  they  can.  And  as  far  as
                producing, I want to make each of the bands I work with professionally ready.

                MH: Jonathan, thank you for giving me this opportunity to interview you. Any
                final  words  or  anything  else  you  want  the  readers  of  ION  Indie  Magazine  to

                JR: I'm very thankful for the opportunity and I would like for anybody who is reading this
                article please check out the group's websites and Facebook pages. I put a lot of love
                and hard work into everything I do and there's a lot to receive from the artwork. And I'd
                like to thank my friends and all my bands and my family for the support of them believing
                in my dream and routing me on for the big win in the end.

                Facebook: Jonathan Russell:
                Lethal Injektion “The Truth”:
                Crazytown “Butterfly” (Live at the Whisky A Go Go):
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