Page 13 - ION Indie Magazine MarchApril 2024
P. 13

LAS: Your lyrics are  known  for  weaving  social, political,
                       and personal narratives. Can you share some insights into
                       your songwriting  process  and how you  bring  depth and

                       darkness to your tracks?

                       NAN: It’s funny because lyrics always come last for me. I really

                       spend  my  energy  in  first  creating  the  sound  and  conveying
                       some kind of emotional context just through the music itself. For
                       me, that’s really where the depth and darkness come in to play.

                       From there, the subject matter of the lyrics usually just kind of
                       falls  in  to  place  somehow,  whether  it’s  drawing  on  my  own
                       experiences  or  a  little  fictional  story  that  stirs  up  the  same

                       feeling as the music.
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