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LAS: Now After Nothing started as a solo project. How has the dynamic

                shifted since collaborating with drummer Michael Allen, and how has
                this influenced the creative process?

                NAN: Having Michael involved really injected an intensity and energy into

                the  songs  that  probably  would  have  been  lacking  had  I  stuck  with  the
                sequenced  drums  I  was  programming  during  the  writing  process.  Funny

                enough, drums were my first instrument and I played them for years as a
                kid, but I didn’t have the patience (nor the drumming chops anymore) to play
                live drums myself in the studio. Having Michael come in though was almost
                like  giving  myself  permission  to  slow  down  and  take  a  break  from  the

                songwriting process because I was so excited to be engineering the drum
                tracking sessions. We  spent days just really  dialing in the  drum  sounds,
                which was just a blast for a studio geek like myself. Once the live drums

                were complete though, I could approach the songs again with fresh ears
                and feed off of the new, more massive, sonic atmosphere that the live drums
                brought. This inspired me to strive for a bigger sound overall – more layers

                and more ear candy.
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