Page 7 - ION Indie Magazine MarchApril 2024
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Lindsay Ann Snyder: Your musical influences are

                             quite  diverse.  How  do  you  approach  blending

                             classic  post-punk  and  darkwave  sounds  with

                             modern  electronic  instrumentals  to  create  the

                             unique Now After Nothing sound?

                             Now After Nothing: I actually don’t think about it much

                             while I’m in the songwriting process. I’m usually hyper-

                             focused on just getting the song out of my head and

                             into  the  recording  itself.  What’s  always  funny  to  me

                             though is when I do get asked about a particular song

                             or  the  band’s  sound,  I  instantly  hear  all  of  those

                             different influences in a way that I never really notice

                             until after a song has been released. I might hear Sonic

                             Youth in the bass line, Gary Numan and Switchblade

                             Symphony in the synths, maybe some Bauhaus or My

                             Bloody Valentine in the guitars, etc. It’s probably just

                             me,  subconsciously,  trying  to  Frankenstein  together

                             my favorite elements from all of these incredible artists.
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