Page 4 - ION Indie Magazine MarchApril 2024
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Spring Forward!

                                 Warmer days are ahead, and at ION

                                 Indie Magazine, we are heralding the
                                 season’s            change              with         this

                                 March/April  2024  issue  featuring
                                 some of the brightest indie artists.

                                 Our  featured  band  is  the  Atlanta-
                                 based,  dynamically  darkwave  duo

                                 NOW           AFTER         NOTHING.            Senior
                                 Photojournalist  for  ION,  Lindsay  Ann

                                 Snyder,  provides  the  intriguing  in-
                                 depth  interview  and  phenomenal

                                 photography.  Check  it  out  in  these

                                                                  ~ Kiki Plesha
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