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This  November/December  2019  end-of-year  edition  of  ION  Indie
                                     Magazine  spotlights  musician,  author,  composer  Peter  Orullian,
                                    This November/December 2019 edition of ION Indie Magazine spotlights the
                                    holiday rock opera The Bell Ringer. Pictured on our cover is Peter Orullian, the
                                     creator of the progressive rock opera The Bell Ringer, which is going
                                    creator of this epic tale that will be on tour and hitting stages in December. Our
                                     on tour and hitting holiday stages in December. The dynamic cover
                                    dynamic  cover  photo  is  courtesy  of  Neil  Lim  Sang  and  the  cover  art  was
                                     photo  of  Orullian  is  courtesy  of  Neil  Lim  Sang.  The  cover  art  is
                                    designed by ION Editor/Art Director Kiki Plesha, who also conducts the feature
                                     designed by Editor/Art Director Kiki Plesha – who also conducted the
                                    interview with Orullian.
                                     in-depth feature interview with Orullian.

                                                                           “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”
                                                                      Music from the Rock Opera The Bell Ringer
                                                                              Written by Peter Orullian
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