Page 7 - ION Indie Magazine November December 2019 Issue
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           The Bell Ringer

                     A Holiday Rock Opera

                                       “A Young Mother’s Wish”
                                      Music from The Bell Ringer
                                       Written by Peter Orullian
                                       Vocals by Nikki Gonzalez

                                  Interview by Kiki Plesha
                                 Studio Photography by Neil Lim Sang
                          Live Performance Photography by Savannah Bright

                          “The bell ringer hadn't a thing to give
                          He was just willing to stand in the cold
                             And hear every story of suffering
                             And offer the best self he knows”
                                    ~ From “Gift of Self” The Bell Ringer

          “It’s A Wonderful Life.” “Miracle on 34  Street.” “A Christmas Carol.” All of these iconic
          Christmas movies have stood the test of time. Every holiday season, I make it a point to
          watch at least one of these, if not all. The stories are centered around themes of faith,
          hope,  and  love…and  that  anything  is  possible  if  you  just  BELIEVE  in  the  magic  of

          No matter your religious convictions, the Christmas season is a time when we tend

          to take a step back and re-evaluate our lives. We treat each other a little kinder and
          are a bit more generous. Sure, it can also be stressful with so many demands to
          meet in order to create the illusion of holiday perfection for our families. This is self-
          imposed, however, and with all of the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to lose sight of the
          Christmas message of peace and tranquility.

          Christmas  and  music  go  hand  in  hand.  Thus,  over  the  years,  we’ve

          featured many different music-related holiday events in the pages of ION
          Indie Magazine, including one of my personal favorites, the spectacular
          Trans-Siberian  Orchestra.  So,  when  an  announcement  regarding  the
          upcoming tour of a holiday rock opera, The Bell Ringer, came across my
          desk and just happened to have TSO members involved in the project, it
          immediately  caught  my  eye.  Thus,  I  reached  out  to  author/composer
          Peter Orullian  to  learn more about  The  Bell  Ringer  and the man that
          created it.
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