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                                                                Music by Gary West and Leona Williams

                                                   I EMBRACE DIVERSITY!

                                                   I  seek  to  surround  myself  in  diversity  –  whether  it  be  the
                                                   intriguing,  inspiring  people  whose  paths  I’m  fortunate  to
                                                   cross or the music that I listen. And when it comes to music,
                                                   this wonderful world presents us a smorgasbord  of sound
                                                   from which to choose! When I founded ION Indie Magazine
                                                   in 2014, my vision for this publication would include great
                      Kiki Plesha                  diversity in music – and this edition is a testament to that!
                                                   We have reports and live concert photography from artists
                                                   and bands from the genre of rock, country, Christian, punk,
                                                   R&B, pop, metal, and alternative. Mission accomplished!
                                                   In this March/April 2020 edition of ION Indie Magazine we
                                                   are shining a light on indie singer/songwriter Mindy Davey –
                                                   an  artist  with  a  message  of  positivity  along  with  a
                                                   compelling backstory. Senior Photojournalist Lee Hoffman
                                                   captured  the  phenomenal  photography  and  also
                                                   conducted  the  feature  interview  for  this  exciting  issue  of

                                                   We are welcoming a new photojournalist to the ION Indie
                                                   Magazine team, Lindsay Ann Snyder, who will be reporting
                                                   on the diverse Atlanta music scene. Lindsay hit the ground
                                                   running in this issue with her dynamic coverage of Winter
                                                   Jam 2020!

                                                   Finally,  the  music  streaming  with  this  Editor’s  Letter  is  by
                                                   country  music  entertainer  Gary  West  and  the  legendary
                                                   singer/songwriter  Leona  Williams.  West  and  Williams
                                                   recently released the video and single for  their own toe-
                                                   tapping  rendition  of  the  iconic  Cash/Carter  song
                                                   “Jackson.” Learn more about Gary West and get this music
                                                   at and visit Leona Williams’ site at

                                                   The Fairy Rock Mother Kiki Plesha
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