Page 9 - ION Indie Magazine MARCHAPRIL 2020 Issue
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Lee Hoffman: You won America's Got Talent ‘Front of the Line Pass’ contest in 2017. What
          was that like?

          Mindy Davey:  Winning AGT ‘Front of the Line Pass’ was such a crazy experience! The contest was
          going on for a while before I decided to enter. So, I uploaded a video of me singing and people
          voted. I ended up winning the contest with 48,000 votes. They brought me to Cincinnati, Ohio, where
          I auditioned privately with a producer from the show. From seeing the behind-the-scenes and just
          meeting all the people there…it was truly an amazing experience.

          LH: In today's music climate, artists are put in a category. How would you define your sound?

          MD:  I definitely would say I’m more of a pop style, but there are times where I’ll perform all genres,
          so it’s hard to really put a category on my sound. I sing and rap about my personal life as well as life
          struggles -- which I find, connects with people much more and is just original.

          LH:  You've  recorded  at  at  BadTone  Productions  located  in  GCR  Audio  owned  by  Robby
          Takac from The Goo Goo Dolls, you’ve recorded at Capitol Records with Nathan Walters, and
          made a video in Nashville with Israel Anthem…what do you have in the works now?

          MD: Well, quite a bit! I’m working on new music, some collaborations, touring, and we’ll be heading
          back  to  Capitol  later  this  year  to  do  another  single  out  there.  So,  keeping  busy…lots  of  stuff
          happening and coming everyone’s way. Excited for 2020 and what’s to come!

          LH: What inspired you to become a singer/songwriter?

          MD: Well, music has always been a huge part of my family. I dreamt of being a singer since I was a
          little girl. Over the years though, as a teenager, life went downhill, and I went down a bad path of
          addiction. I stopped playing music and stopped singing for years until I ended up sobering up after
          my 2nd arrest in 2012. A week into rehab, I found out I was pregnant, and I started writing again and
          releasing some of those songs -- which connected and impacted so many people. After having my
          daughter, she saved my life. She inspired me to push even harder for this career and dream as a

          LH: Who are your musical influences and what are you listening to these days?

          MD:  Oh,  man! I  have  so  many musical  influences!  Halsey, Bebe  Rexha,  NF,  Justin  Bieber, Ed
          Sheeran, to name a few. I listen to so many different genres and so many people inspire me in this
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