Page 4 - ION Indie Magazine JULYAUG 2024
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Summer’s Sounds!

                                 Summer  is  here  and  the  tours  are

                                 heating  up!  We’ve  got  such  iconic
                                 names  as  JUDAS  PRIEST,  BILLY  IDOL,

                                 FOGHAT,  and  MAMMOTH  WVH!  Plus,
                                 the  Sessanta  Tour  (A  Perfect  Circle,
                                 Puscifer,  Primus)  and  The  Blackout

                                 Tour  Pt  2  (From  Ashes  To  New,  Point

                                 For this July/August 2024 edition, we
                                 are  spotlighting  the  multi-talented
                                 Mark  Mackay.  Senior  Photojournalist

                                 Marty  Haviik  delivered  the  intriguing
                                 interview  in  this  jam-packed  edition

                                 of  ION  Indie  Magazine.  Read  all
                                 about  Mark  Mackay  and  so  much

                                 more…all inside these pages!
                                                                   ~ Kiki Plesha
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