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                                           Music by Mark Mackay

                                          “Somebody Else’s Everything”

             I first saw Mark Mackay at The Rialto Theatre in Tucson while doing a shoot for
             another band. Mark’s professionalism and showmanship on stage kept my focus

             on  him.  Rarely  does  an  artist  or  band  catch  my  eyes  and  ears’  attention,
             especially if I’d never heard them perform before. A few years later, I caught
             myself taking a peek at his social media, just to see where he’s playing next.

             Mark grew up just south of San Francisco. He started music very early on in his
             life. He took classical piano lessons at the age of nine. While growing up, he

             found a love for country music and changed over to playing  the  guitar. Mark
             moved to L.A. and attended Musicians Institute.

             After school, he recorded two EPs with a new band and was afterwards added
             to  the  list  of  Country’s  Top  100  National  Live  Acts  by  Music  Connection
             Magazine.  Very  cool!  At  one  point,  he  was  given  an  opportunity  to  sing  the
             National  Anthem  at  AT&T  Park  for  the  Giants,  his  hometown  team,  and  get

             this…in front of 43,000 people!  Mark’s music journey has taken him  on tour,
             performing just about everywhere. He’s shared a lineup with some iconic country

             artists like Keith Urban, Chris Stapleton, and Luke Bryan. I see Mark heading the
             same golden road with a long successful career in music.

                                                                         Photo courtesy of Mark Mackay
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