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                       All praise be to Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa, God Almighty for His mercy and grace so
               that the author can complete the E-book. Don't forget to also say thank you and greetings
               hopefully always bestowed upon Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, because of his blessings, we
               are able to get out of the darkness towards a brighter path. We also express our gratitude to
               those  who  support  the  smooth  running  of  this  E-Book  from  the  writing  process  to  the
               Publishing process, namely our parents, our colleagues, publishers, and many more that we
               cannot mention one by one.

                       Meanwhile, we have finished making our textbook entitled 'English for Elementary
               school Grade 4' in the best possible way so that it is of benefit to readers who need information
               and knowledge about management information systems.

                       This  book  is  written  about,  the  Expression  of  compliments  and  the  Expression  of
               Congratulating, how to use the expressions of giving compliments and congratulating. Given
               the importance of English for us in the future. We are aware that there are still many omissions
               and mistakes that are of course far from perfect about this book. Therefore, we ask readers to
               provide criticism and suggestions for this textbook work so that we can continue to improve
               the quality of the book.

                       Thus, we have created this textbook, with the hope that readers can understand the
               information  and  also  gain  insight  into  vocabulary  about  Expressions  of  Compliments  and
               Expressions  of  Congratulating  and  be  able  to  describe  Expressions  of  Compliments  and
               Expressions of Congratulating and be useful for society in a broad sense. Thank you.

                                                                         Singaraja, December 20  2022

                                                                         Ida Ayu Cantika Cahya Putri

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